He can do what?!

I’m not sure if my babes are having massive brain growth spurts at the moment, or if I’m more sensititive to their learnings, but oh.my.Goddess these kids are on fire!! Koala-babe is singing 2,4,6,8 AND usually counting something with 4 things (like his toast), so he’s essentially doubling his counting (whatever floats your boat baby!), he’s also taking great delight in walking backwards for quite a long distance (usually when he doesn’t want to do something), and has an extensive vocab for a 24 month old that blows my mind. He’s also more than slightly obsessed with Banana’s in Pyjama’s circa 1990s – none of the new-age fully animated crap *laugh*. T-man is starting to identify the letters in his name, and the initial letters for ours (G for Grandma, M for Mumma, etc). Yesterday he asked me to help him find the magnetic letters so he could spell his name out on the blackboard.. he then requested assistance to WRITE it underneath. Both very new developments! He had no problems with some of the letters, but others were ‘too hard’ and I had to write them in the correct place for him.. showing him with the chalk was not acceptable, but I guess that’s part of me needing to learn to trust he’s just not ready for those yet and not to push him to try *smile*. Earlier this week he also drew our family, including the baby (who HAD to be blue for some reason!) in mumma’s big round belly. I resisted pointing out that he left poor Koala-babe with no arms, but after I took a photo he realised his oversight on his own. T-man also seems to be taking an interest in math! Characters on a pyjama t-shirt became a game of subtraction (“look, 4 Buzz… now, 3 Buzz!” as he placed his hand over one, and then 4-2=2 as he placed his other hand over another), and then dinner became another game of subtraction as bits of sausage disappeared off his plate. DH then asked him if he cut up another sausage and gave him x number how many would he have.. a few minutes of this banter and then T-man was over the ‘game’, but it did demonstrate he has a pretty good understanding of mathematics for someone who’s not been ‘taught’. Moments like these are both reassuring for me (so I’m reminded to leave him alone!), and excellent examples of natural learning for DH who is slowly coming around.. *happy sigh* .


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